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  • I reckon look into those same ones Dion had in his MPS, you might be able to pick them up online cheap enough
  • @ignition22 said: Thanks man! Yeah those components have really changed my perception that you need to spend big $$ to get good sound. They aren't an expensive set by any means and the amps were pretty cheap as well. Apart from the IDMAX i…
  • I need to get my ass into gear and finish up my install a bit, i feel like with a little bit of work and tuning it could be a good SQ system. As for the current SPL scene, it seems to be mostly out of Auckland with DC Audio being one of the most …
  • It was a mint sounding build dude, those PBX 3-ways were awesome! so much so I'd almost consider swapping out my germaniums for them
  • @adamkerrnz said: Where the hell is old Jafa.and.proud!?!? He's around... based in CHCH now I think after moving about 300 times in the last 2 years
  • HeyHey! Im still here, same shit different day! Simple 2way + sub install in my daily thats prettymuch it for the moment.