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  • Was reading about the new 230kw Type R civic which has been voted performance car of the year by a few organisations etc. Cant help thinking.. well ok but soon that will be slower then a truck. I think electric is going to change the nature of pe…
  • https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_20482_Image-Dynamics-IDMAX12-V.3-D4.html $299 US. Probably pay more then that in shipping though
  • Thanks man! Yeah those components have really changed my perception that you need to spend big $$ to get good sound. They aren't an expensive set by any means and the amps were pretty cheap as well. Apart from the IDMAX it was fairly low budget b…
  • Nice! I always had difficulty getting sub bass to a volume that i was happy with in my old accord running a 13" Focal. In the end i just put it down to sedans in general not being great for getting bass into the cabin. Do you find much the same prob…
  • Ah that's not too bad then on the spl side of things. In my time i don't recall there ever being more then a few competitions each year. I had kinda presumed 4 & Rotor wouldn't be around anymore. 150+ is pretty high, I guess amp power is pret…