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Tesla Trucks etc

Just wondering, anyone got an opinion on the recent Tesla announcements about the Trucks and Roadster? Think its overly ambitious and they are going to fail hard or own the future of transport and take over the industry?

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about :P

I've been fortunate enough to drive a Model S and terrified enough to be driven in one while the "driver" paid little attention to what was going on while the car just did its thing. Easily the fastest car i have ever been in.. all in all pretty impressive.

But a truck doing 0-100 in 5 seconds is some next level crazy.

The roadster doing 0-100 under 2 secs takes the fun out of driving and would insert shear terror in its place. That car might start out at $200k USD but there probably isn't much reason that electric cars with that much power wont be more affordable in the long run.


  • I was all like, it'll be a niche market vehicle, and then they dropped the price bomb. $150,000 for 300 mile, $180,000 for 500 mile.

    Fleet owners are constantly running the numbers, on their fleet costs. When I worked at Telogis, we were calculating the fuels costs in real time for their dashboards. With those prices, I have no doubt, they'll offer better value to the owner (less maintenance, less fuel costs).

    These fuckers are going to sell like hot cakes. And then throw in full autonomous driving in 2-5 years, and that's a further $70,000 saved per year for fleet owners, by not having to employ a driver. Cha ching.

    I expect it to take a year or two for Tesla to work out any kinks, after they've had more feedback from fleet owners. But it'll revolutionize goods transportation.

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    The roadster is mostly there as a display their technical superiority, than be a truly useful mode of transport.

    Tesla want the market to know they are the king of electric cars. It makes the cheaper models more desirable, by being affiliated with something insane.

  • Was reading about the new 230kw Type R civic which has been voted performance car of the year by a few organisations etc. Cant help thinking.. well ok but soon that will be slower then a truck.

    I think electric is going to change the nature of performance cars if not almost eliminate them. When your every day run of the mill car can easily outpace what we consider a high performance petrol car then the performance car will become near pointless other then improved handling.

    When you consider GT3 race cars are already frequently detuned from their road going versions to have less power then you have to wonder what this is going to mean for motorsport. The car you run down to the end of the road to get your groceries might do the same 0-100 time as a Ferrari on a race track in 10 years.

    That considering power output in race cars is often limited not because of engine limitations but instead to produce the best racing. GT3 cars with 1500hp equivalent electric engines would not make for good, safe, close racing.

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