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The Milano Pink CL1

Dibs on first project thread!! Have had this Honduh for a while now but its been parked up for almost a year as I drive a work vehicle. Now that I have my own garage again I can get into tidying up the little things, and hopefully sorting some audio related gear at some stage.

What is it:
2000 Honda Torneo Euro-R CL1
R81 Milano Red (More like Milano Pink!)
H22a7 2.2L
5 speed manual
(worn out) Recaro Interior

Some cheap simota intake off a prelude
Tein Super Street Suspension
Cusco front strut brace
Braided brake lines, Slotted front rotors

Sony DSX300BTX Head Unit - Purchased mainly for the bluetooth function
Sony 6" Front component set (Forgot what model)
Factory rear speakers
Eaudio 480AB Amp
Fusion 12" Sub/Amp combo


  • Nice! I always had difficulty getting sub bass to a volume that i was happy with in my old accord running a 13" Focal. In the end i just put it down to sedans in general not being great for getting bass into the cabin. Do you find much the same problem?

  • Pic no workie... Photobucket doesn't allow hot-linking

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