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NZ Car Audio Scene..

Is it still pretty dead?

Does anyone run sound offs still? Is there even car shows still? Do that have audio components to them? Who are the big retailers these days or the ones that bring in unique gear? Or pretty much just import yourself is the way to go?


  • They still hold the SPL comps at the 4nR events and Jody Green holds a decent sized comp at Powercruise every year. A few other smaller events spattered throughout the year, but not much really. Ground pounder builds are the new black, with 150+db music builds fairly commonplace now!

  • Ah that's not too bad then on the spl side of things. In my time i don't recall there ever being more then a few competitions each year. I had kinda presumed 4 & Rotor wouldn't be around anymore.

    150+ is pretty high, I guess amp power is pretty cheap these days.

    I was in Japan recently and dropped by a Super Autobacs which i guess is like their version of repco. They stock some pretty high end stuff in there and a bunch of it in the comparison boards with a definite focus on sq. They seem especially into Carrozzeria with some fancy multi thousand $ components on display. Not sure if we get the same stuff branded as pioneer. Was pretty neat.

  • Nothing happens down south now days due to 4 & R moving away from Chch and up to Nelson. Too big of a drive for us deep south foke.

    As for gear I normally import myself but with this new bigger gst they maybe adding to all import goods will have to wait and see.

    I also see a few Facebook people have brought meters and hold small/local events which is great. Bigger numbers now days too 150db is the new 145db, as for setups I don't see many people building there own mostly pre built boxes and big gear dropped into them but seems to work very well indeed.

  • I think NZICE needs to bring it back! Especially the SQ scene, might motivate me to do something...

  • Definitely. I love a good throat punching 150+ demo, but SQ is where it’s at for me. Would be good to meet up with a few likeminded people again.

  • I need to get my ass into gear and finish up my install a bit, i feel like with a little bit of work and tuning it could be a good SQ system.

    As for the current SPL scene, it seems to be mostly out of Auckland with DC Audio being one of the most popular brands along with B2, morel and a new NZ owned brand called Zeroflex.
    From what I can tell its 90% throw as much money as you can tick up into a build and get one guy to build your box who knows what he is doing....
    Then there are a few scattered DIYer builds that do quite well too.

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