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Introduction / Reintroduction

Hello people, feel free to introduce yourself here or for those returning fill us in on what you have been up to the last few years.

I am Dion / ignition22 / iggy one of the founders of original nzicemag which I believe was started in 2003ish and probably died around 2012ish when we lost control over the domain and the ability to update the forum software.

I've been kicking around North America for the most part for a fair few years now, living the digital nomad lifestyle currently, over the last year we floated between Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Calgary and currently Vancouver in Canada. Next year ill be heading down to the US for a bit, land of cheap audio goodies that I can send home to keep cupboards full and dreams alive. I'm working in software dev currently as tech lead for a distributed team which allows me to swing the travel + work combo.

Unfortunately the constant travel means no car and no car audio. I had mazdaspeed 3 for a bit while in NZ last year with a half decent install so hopefully I can find enough pics to post something in reader projects to get the ball rolling there. Other then that the closest I get is an occasional sim racing rig and the odd rental car.

Looking forward to the day I get back to NZ and can start a project car again.

So what have you guys been upto?


  • HeyHey!

    Im still here, same shit different day!
    Simple 2way + sub install in my daily thats prettymuch it for the moment.

  • As above "same shit different day"

    Havnt played with audio for a few years but still got most of my gear but slowly selling it off.

    Got plenty of nzice info stored on my laptop if your in need of anything.

  • edited November 2017

    hrmm thats odd.. new comments at the top :/ ill have to fix that

    or not.. ok i dont know how these are ordering haha

  • Gooki/Dave here. I'm working towards financial independence, and raising my kids. I've got a nicely kitted out workshop in the garage that's mostly used for building furniture and home speakers.

    I'm driving a Mazda 6 wagon these days with stock audio. The only ice in there is the xiaomi roadimi Bluetooth adapter and a RAM mount for my phone.

    Still have my DRZ9255, a few Peerless XLS subwoofers around, and a modest collection of Arvus drivers.

  • grandell/Glen checking in!

    Still running the Jag, with no headunit... but the XXX/Arvus/DLS/Alpine goodies are all in.
    Currently in the process of upgrading to Brembos and BBS 18's, with 20's to show off when I want too.
    Also bought a house a little while back with the now fiance. Summer project is a new deck and patio, so stay tuned for BBQs over the summer.
    An oldschool NZICE meet is always a good day!

  • Hello, my name is Adam. I started on this journey back in the day and subsequently achieved a fairly impressive post count.

    My skills include twist and tape, breaking Jonah 10" subs, driving bubble shaped automobiles, driving long distances to be hungover and late for comps and hoarding.

    These days I'm a sales rep for a ute accessory company (Beaut Utes), since the OG NZICE days I've been a student, retail sales for Vodafone, complaints manager and I managed a kayak and roof rack shop for a lil bit.

    Still in the AKL, driving a Honda Euro R (surely inspired by Iggy...) with some fusion comps and a sub/amp fusion combo.... yeah I'm the real deal SQ nut these days!

    How things have changed eh...

  • Where the hell is old Jafa.and.proud!?!?

  • Hi I'm fuse and I run with scissors.
    My trees are a lot quieter these days

  • So im Jeremy/Flyboy, my Galant vr4 i had back in the day is off the road, getting more power and mods. Had a CL9 Accord Type-S as daily with Morel tempo's, a zetus powering them, a zeroflex 1500D powering either a pair of ddsw2508's or a custom built 12's built by nathan(sinisterkustoms). Have a crv now which is alls stock apart from the head unit. Just working out how to fit my amps & processor in it atm.

  • Thanks to adamkerrnz's spam on bookface I'm also back. Previously known as -DC-, not to be confused with DeeCee, who is also of asian descent. Apparently because of the latter people struggled to tell us apart, while others have suggested its because we're both equally stunningly attractive.

    Over the years I've continued to tinker with ICE on and off, while living the VTEC JDMYO TYPE-R life and then switching to an Evo IX getting high on boost... up until my last car, which was an old-man Lexus with half-decent stock sound-system -- at which point I made the silly decision to sell all my Rainbow/DLS/Zetus/GZ gear collected over the years.

    I've since sold the Lexus recently and now starting audio again from scratch...

  • Nathan/Sinister Kustoms here. Tried to kick audio a few times over the years but it keeps finding me again so now I just live with fact I'll always be an audio junkie.
    I sold my L200 earlier this year after 90% completing a 4th order bandpass wall with four 12's, recently just stripped the best sounding install I've ever built/heard ('94 Cavalier with Pioneer P1, PPI Art amps and Image Dynamics horns/mids/subs) before selling the car and now working on system version 2.0 in the BF Falcon using Pioneer, Morel and Helix goodies...maybe some IDMax sex too...still figuring out how/what sub options are going to work in there. I seem to have amassed a large Rockford Fosgate collection somewhere along the way as well???
    Builds tend to take a lot longer these days though. Spare time seems to be seldom found after family responsibilities and the joys of home ownership are accounted for.

  • @adamkerrnz said:
    Where the hell is old Jafa.and.proud!?!?

    He's around... based in CHCH now I think after moving about 300 times in the last 2 years

  • Paul here, or Scoob as I'm more commonly known. I'm a Subaru whore, have owned a number over the years. Now driving an '09 Legacy with some form of aftermarket stereo system installed by previous owner. It's good enough to get the job done, sounds good for a daily driver so I'm happy with it. Have a few bits and pieces laying around so I'll have to do a bit of a cleanout at some stage and see what I can dig out!

    Lifestyle now involves a lot of long distance cycling, running and triathlons, so cars and stereos have taken a back seat these days.

  • Hi Guys, Karl Here, glad to see the forums back.
    Now living near Christchurch 2 years into owning our own home. not much time doing audio lately but still have the Alfa GTV6 and the Sony C90 and XDP processor combo.
    Daily driver is still the White '91 Nissan Sentra Hatchback I brought up to the SQNZ Wellington meetup years ago. Still running the Rainbow fronts and Sub. I have an IPaul amp to go in but haven't gotten around to it.
    Hoping that the Audio scene might have a bit of resurgence but it looks like most of us have mortgages to pay.

  • Hi All Dave here - i lurked around the canze/nzicemag for sale sections for years, was just checking the trademe car audio section and though about nzice - good to see it back up!

  • Nish checking in! Not quite OG but I've been around since the 2006 days. Audio has taken a bit of a backbenchers position while I was busy doing the whole being an Adult thing. Should hopefully be finishing up the install in the R32 early next year that Dave aka DeeCee has been helping (read: Doing it all) for me!

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