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Welcome back

edited November 2017 in General Discussion

Hello and welcome back, or maybe for the first time, to NZIM

A couple of months back I was thinking about the old icemag days and checked out the domain to find it freely available again so i picked it up.

This weekend just gone i found some time to chuck together some basic forums and here we are.. another resurrection of NZIM. This should stick around a bit longer and and be a bit more reliable then previous half dead incarnations but whether we will get some regularly users back only time will tell.

Please excuse the basic forum styling, it needs a little work yet, all i have done is made some tweaks to make it look a little familiar, there is still a way to go on that front. Also note im not reachable at the email address just yet and after signup you will need to confirm email address before you can post. That email may take a few mins to come through.

I guess any questions, comments or requests feel free to post them here.

Drop by this thread and let us know what you have been up to

Dion / ignition22

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