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Have forums had their heyday as online communities

Not specifically talking about nzice here but forums in general.

Back in the day i used to frequent a number of forums such as nzhondas, NZ performance car and of course nzice. To me these weren't just places to go and ask people questions but had a more community vibe, just a place to go talk shit with the same core group of people really.

When i was setting up the nzice forums again i had a bit of a look around some of the other forms i would frequent but haven't been to many years now and they all seem to be pretty dead these days, bit of a shame really.

What do you guys rekon? Have forums been largely replaced by other forms of social media like facebook etc? Are there any forums you guys visit that are still as alive and kicking now as they used to be?


  • Yeah, sadly a dying thing these days. DIYMA is about the only one I can think of that still has a strong community base/frequent new posts.

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